Akil Wayne
2 min readNov 29, 2022

One thing in life is unique to every individual and doesn’t make sense in comparing that, but most of them do.

Most of them are obsessed with this term now. Comparing other people's jobs, money, and materialistic things with themselves and feeling sad or being hard on themselves, thinking why they're not like them.

Success is something that gives happiness and it should be depending upon YOUR goals and purposes of YOUR life.

For someone may be getting a job in a service company is successful and for some people getting a job in a product company or starting a business is.

Just because their definition of success doesn't equal yours, you're not behind them.

You should not be ahead of anyone, you just need to be ahead of your past self in your track.

Find what you NEED rather than what you WANT and work for that by setting goals.

After setting goals most people work hard to achieve that. Always remember that,
"Journey is better than Destination". Enjoy your PROCESS, because when you achieved your goal your JOY will last for some moments and then everything will become usual.

Wondering why I haven't mentioned HAPPINESS in place of JOY?

HAPPINESS is associated with the long term like a whole RYTHM of our life, whereas JOY and PLEASURE are for the short term.

So, don't be hard on yourself, be light as a leaf and create a system to achieve your goals rather than just trying too hard.


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